This blog is about financial independence, not retiring early. It’s about how having enough money changes the way you think and feel about (and operate at) work. It’s about finding how to work on what you love—including surrounding yourself with people who do good work and who are good to work with.

Balance is key. Work… life. What is acceptable? What is enough? What do you love doing? Can you do more of that? I am grateful to have an amazing job at a company I love. I am surrounded by people who have not only been amazing examples to me in work, but also in life. These are the people I want to be around.

I’ve always had a split personality with frugality. Sometimes I have a hard time spending money on “normal” things, and other times it is too easy to spend and I feel at odds with it afterward. Now I’ve woken up and realized… this is more about life than money, more about connection than networking, and actually about finding the things you truly value and taking the time to enjoy them. It’s really about time and connection: how you save it and how you spend it.